Auto Dealer Bonds serve to guarantee that a dealer operates according to federal laws, the terms and regulations of the state, local laws, and tax and judgment guidelines that relate to motor vehicles. The bond also ensures that if the dealer or any of its employees commits fraud or other actions that are wrongful to the consumer, the consumer is protected from any consequence arising from those actions.

For example, harmed parties can make a claim on an Auto Dealer Bond and gain financial reparation if a dealership:

  • Misrepresents its merchandise
  • Uses unethical business practices to sell vehicles
  • Fails to deliver a valid certificate of title
  • Does not pay necessary motor vehicle fees
  • Does not forward sales tax payments to the state

Dealer Protection Group (DPG) can help you obtain a Dealer Bond (also known as a DMV Bond, Used Car Dealer Bond, or MVD Bond) at a competitive rate. We have the experience and access to surety companies to facilitate the process. We know what’s required to obtain this type of bond.

What’s more, in addition to the protection your consumers receive from a Dealer Bond, they also have the peace of mind knowing that your dealership has a Surety Bond in place. They know that the surety company has reviewed your business’ financial information and endorsed you as a financially stable company.

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