The Department of Labor reported that in 2010 there were 40,000 wage-and-hour complaints by employees, with these types of claims continuing to rise. Discrimination suits against employers have also spiked, especially in an economy that is struggling. As an employer, the prudent thing to do is to make sure you have Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI).

As your insurance advisor, Dealer Protection Group (DPG) will review with you the exposures and risks you face from employee lawsuits in your auto dealership. This can include everything from wage-and-hour disputes, discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, breach of contract, failure to promote, negligence evaluation, and deprivation of career opportunity. All covered by an Employment Practices Liability policy.

We’ll also enhance your insurance program with a turnkey audit and communications risk management program designed to better understand how to make employment practices more manageable through education, training, updates, and communication tools.

Don’t wait until you’re hit with an employee lawsuit.
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