A top salesperson looks at every transaction, every conversation, as a possible sales opportunity. Unfortunately, so many of these opportunities are missed at a dealership after the initial sale. Just think about it – your dealership repairs dozens of vehicles a month. How often does your staff take this opportunity to offer applicable F&I products to customers coming in for repairs or routine maintenance?

At Dealer Protection Group (DPG), we can help you turn these opportunities into sales. We provide service driven product training to your service departments and staff, giving them the sales tools and strategies to increase income through the sale of F&I products. These products include Gap, Maintenance, Dent Removal insurance, Tire & Wheel, Vehicle Service Contracts, and much more.

Your best customer is the one you have.
We’ll help you build value proposition into your sales process, and bring your customer back for service time after time. Give us a call at 949.208.8550. Service Driven Product Training.