As part our services, Dealers Protection Group (DPG) provides dealers with Pay Plan Performance Analysis of their F&I managers – those responsible for selling a wide range of products, including dealership financing, Vehicle Service Contracts, Gap, Tire & Wheel protection, Environmental Protection, theft-deterrent products, and much more.

An F&I manager’s pay plan needs to reflect his or her performance in these areas, including the total profit generated as well as customer satisfaction with the financial services process. Our F&I experts will conduct a pay performance analysis to determine how effective your pay plan is and if it’s designed to meet your goals.

We’ll look at the percentage of F&I commissions and incentives you’re paying, which can vary depending on the size of the dealership. We’ll also analyze performance, which includes satisfaction with the F&I process, and the sale of products based on the customers’ needs, not on how much money a manager can make. We’ll make recommendations for improvement that will benefit both your F&I manager and the dealership’s profitability.

The design of your pay plan is important to the success of your dealership.
We would be happy to discuss in detail all of our F&I services, including our pay plan performance analysis, with you. Give DPG a call at 949.208.8550.