For your customers, buying a vehicle is one of the most exciting and significant financing decisions they’ll make. Dealer Protection Group (DPG) understands this and provides dealerships with favorable payment terms to market products by making them more affordable to customers. We know your customers want plans that offer flexibility and options. We can help you provide this with our Flexible Pay Plans.

Our plans are designed to complement a consumer’s budget, not only today but also into the future. The flexible pay plans is an installment contract that allows a customer to purchase his or her vehicle over time in monthly payments throughout the term of the contract. The customers provide an initial low payment, have more time to pay, and have the ability to get more in a vehicle because they’ll be able to afford more. They can purchase a vehicle today and grow into the payments over time.

Options and flexibility help close the sale.
Talk to DPG about our flexible pay plans to help your customers get the car of their dreams. Our number is 949.208.8550.