One of the fastest-growing F&I products nationally is prepaid maintenance, with dealers recognizing the customer service and financial benefits of having clients return on a regular basis to get basic services performed.

Our pre-paid Maintenance program provides a number of options and flexibility so that you keep your customers’ vehicles humming, enhance loyalty, and increase service department income and profits. Customers can choose from multiple-term and service-level intervals while F&I managers can select the reimbursement level appropriate for each vehicle.

Dealer Protection Group’s (DPG) Maintenance service-level options include:

  • Oil changes, tire rotations, coolant flushes, and basic transmission service provided at three mileage intervals.
  • Oil changes, tire rotations, coolant flushes, and air filter/wiper blade replacement provided at three mileage intervals.
  • Oil changes and tire rotations at one interval.

DPG also offers dealers the opportunity to add or remove service items from the program selected. What’s more, you can add detailing services, valet service, and fuel injection cleaning. Programs also include first-day car rental coverage.

Ignite additional revenue opportunities in your dealership.
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