You work hard for all that you have, and make sure you have insurance in place to protect against loss or damage to your home, automobiles, and other valuables. You have Health insurance, and your family is protected with Life insurance should something happen to you. You have a retirement plan in place, and Disability coverage through your employer.

But what happens down the road if you find that you can no longer care for yourself and need to move into an assisted living facility or require home health care? The expense of that could wipe out everything you have earned. What’s more, it can impact your spouse and children’s lives if there isn’t a safety net that is allocated to address long-term care needs.

A Long-Term Care insurance solution from Dealer Protection Group (DPG) will give you the ability to protect your savings and assets, shield your family and friends from the burden of care giving, and offer you the ability to choose where care is received.

Long-term care is generally defined as (but not limited to) in-home health assistance or skilled nursing care in a facility. Services may include assistance with activities of daily living, home healthcare, respite care, care in a nursing home, or care in an assisted living facility.

We can review the various Long-Term Care plan options available and which is best for you, depending on your age and assets. We’ll review things like the benefit period, the benefit amount, deductible, and level of inflation protection.

Plan for tomorrow today.
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