Along with our F&I partners, Dealer Protection Group (DPG) can help you form and manage dealership-owned reinsurance companies to accept after-market products such as Gap, Anti-Theft, and Tire & Wheel, among others. Ownership of a reinsurance company allows you as the dealer to share in the automotive underwriting profit and investment income and defer income on a tax-advantaged basis.

There are participation options available when forming a reinsurance company, including a Non Controlled Foreign Corporation (NCFC). Under an NCFC, the dealer owns stock in a reinsurance company with many other participants. It’s designed to hold numerous segregated cells which house the individual dealer portfolio participating in the corporation.

NCFCs often have the financial strength to produce long-term economic benefits. DPG and its partners’ high level of expertise will provide you with the necessary guidance and support you need to participate in an NCFC.

Take more control of your financial future.
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