You take precautions to prevent exposure to pollution liability from above-ground storage tanks, spilled petroleum products, spent pain thinner, used oil, underground storage tanks, and much more. You have procedures in place, but even the simplest of tasks can result in a claim that costs you thousands of dollars to settle.

For example, while your porter is cleaning the service floor, what if he accidentally pours the wash water down the wrong drain? This wash water contains brake fluid, oil, asbestos from brakes, and many other hazardous substances commonly found in the service area. An accident like this can invite the EPA to investigate what happened and cost you in clean-up costs and fines.

Dealer Protection Group (DPG) offers a comprehensive Pollution product that is competitively priced, and provides optional coverage for Pollution Legal Liability, underground storage tanks, or both. The policy can generally be modified to include coverage for transportation, environmental liability and for non-owned disposal sites.

Product features include: defense costs, transportation coverage, off-site coverage for scheduled non-owned disposal sites, discovery triggers for on-site clean-up, and much more. Our specialists will be happy to review the specifics of the policy and the coverage enhancements available.

One spill can cost a fortune.
Let DPG help you protect your business with a Pollution product that is designed for your dealership. Give us a call at 949.208.8550.