Employee dishonesty, theft, forgery, embezzlement, destruction, etc. could happen to any form of business of any size, including at your dealership. No matter how many internal controls you may have to stem criminal acts, you also need to add Crime insurance to your list of “must-haves.”

Dealer Protection Group (DPG) can design your Crime insurance coverage with these options:

  • Employee Dishonesty Coverage – Provides protection against the dishonest acts of your employees and covers loss of your money, merchandise, and any other real or personal property.
  • Loss Inside the Premises Coverage – Provides coverage for money and securities due to loss by destruction, disappearance, or wrongful extraction. It also covers your merchandise and other business property against loss or damage from robbery.
  • Loss Outside the Premises Coverage – Provides coverage for your money and securities from destruction, disappearance, or wrongful extraction while conveyed by a messenger, an armored car company, or while in the home of a messenger.
  • Depositors Forgery Coverage – Provides coverage for loss should someone, in an attempt to defraud you, alter the amount, name of payee, or endorsement on a check, draft, or similar instrument issued by you.
  • Public Employees Dishonesty Coverage – Can be tailored to provide you with protection in the event your employees fail to perform their duties faithfully.

It takes more than an ounce of prevention…
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