Long-term care is becoming increasingly more important, especially with two-career families unable to take care of a parent who needs assisted living care or skilled nursing services. Just take a look at the stats: 12% of employees take leaves of absence to handle eldercare concerns, 36% miss work days, and 40% rearrange their work schedule.

What’s more, many individuals are looking into the future and the high cost of long-term care, and want to ensure they have the financial means to receive adequate services.

As an employer, you can offer Group Long-Term Care benefits to your employees and their families to provide them with the ability to protect their savings and assets, shield their family and friends from the burden of care giving, and have the ability to choose where care is received. With the addition of a Long-Term Care program to your Employee Benefits package, you’ll also enhance your ability to attract and retain valuable employees, improve productivity, minimize absenteeism for employees as caregivers, and obtain potential tax advantages.

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