When you work with Dealer Protection Group (DPG), you get a full-service independent agency representation that provides you with competitive, quality products and services to offer your clients. From Personal Auto insurance, Motorcycle coverage, Boat and RV insurance to insure your customers’ brand-new purchases, to custom F&I solutions to provide additional protection and services, with DPG you only have to make one call.

What’s more, we can take care of your Business insurance, Risk Management, and Surety needs to protect your dealership, employees, inventory, and assets. DPG will also provide you with comprehensive, cost-effective employee benefit plans and Personal insurance, such as Homeowners, Life, Umbrella, Health, and much more for you, your family, and employees.

Partnering with DPG provides you with the advantage and benefit of knowing that you’re relying on people who understand your industry and operation, will deliver on the various products and services you need, and provide you with unequalled customer service.

Get the best there is. Call DPG today.
We’ll help you with your own insurance protection, that of your customers and employees, while also providing you with income-generating products. Give us a call at 949.208.8550.