Perhaps you’re a collector of art. Or you have family heirlooms and other jewelry of high value. Your Homeowners insurance in most cases has a limited amount of coverage for valuable items. In the event of a loss or damage, you wouldn’t be properly covered.

Dealer Protection Group (DPG) can personally design a competitively priced insurance policy to provide coverage for your fine art, antiques, and jewelry. Coverages can include:

  • Itemized coverage for each item as well as pairs, sets, and collections
  • Protection against breakage of especially fragile items
  • Coverage for newly purchased items
  • Replacement at full value
  • Worldwide protection

We can also help you obtain a certified appraisal to properly establish the actual value of your items. We’ll show you how to maintain a photographic record of the items and how to manage your collection of items, images, descriptions, appraisals, and price histories.

Don’t overlook your valuable items protection.
Valuable Items Insurance. Give DPG a call to discuss the valuable items and the coverage needed to have the right protection. Our number is 949.208.8550.