Leasing a new car or truck for many of your customers offers a carefree and enjoyable alternative to financing a vehicle. But, with this freedom come a number of exposures that accumulate, such as small dents and dings, chipped paint, or even worn tires. When the lease is up, it’s your customer’s responsibility to either repair the damage or pay the leasing company to perform the repairs.

Provide your customers with Dealer Protection Group’s Excess Wear & Tear (EWT) insurance product, eliminating the additional expenses that would come out of their wallet from lease-end charges. Your customers can choose the amount of coverage up to a specified limit, the deductible, and the time frame for coverage after the vehicle is returned.

With EWT, you’ll increase customer satisfaction at the end of the lease process with no unexpected fees, reduce excess wear and tear-related write-offs and collection activities, and generate additional revenue.

Add Dealer Protection Group’s EWT insurance to your collection of products.
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