When Dealer Protection Group (DPG) designs a Liability program for your auto dealership, it includes Bodily Injury coverage for customers if they get hurt on your property. Financial protection is included if there are mistakes in your advertising or if liability arises with the products you sell, and much more.

We also look at how much coverage you need and what additional coverage and enhancements are required, depending on many factors, such as whether you operate one dealership, multiple locations, or a franchise. We’ll zoom in on what you need in order to tailor a policy that serves your specific operations, exposures, and financial requirements.

Additionally, we can provide your General Liability Insurance coverage as part of a comprehensive Garage Liability policy with specific enhancements. Our professional staff can go over the specifics with you.

Going without proper coverage amounts can be very costly.
Our expert team will evaluate your potential risks, prior loss history, and the size of your operation to determine the details of your program. Give us a call at 949.208.8550.