Dealer Protection Group (DPG) has partnered with leading companies that offer the highest-quality F&I (Finance & Insurance) products in the industry, backed by Best Practices standards and quality administration and claims service. We work closely with our dealer clients to create a customized product portfolio that maximizes their profitability today and into the future.

What’s more, DPG understands that in today’s economic environment, the performance of your F&I Department is more critical than ever. We also understand how important it is to balance the need for F&I Income with consumer satisfaction so that everyone wins. With our suite of customized, value-added products and fully integrated services, we can help you build new customer relationships and foster repeat business.

Our F&I services include:

When looking for an F&I partner for your dealership, it’s important to choose a company that knows your industry and is aligned with your vision of the future. DPG is that company.

Shift into high gear with new revenue.
Call DPG to discuss your F&I programs and how you can add to your bottom line. Our number is 949.208.8550. We look forward to speaking with you.