Dealers have become more attuned to the growth and profitability that their F&I Department has to offer their business. A successful F&I Division can provide a multi-year income stream over the vehicle lifetime in addition to providing repeat sales opportunities. But with new products and shifts in what consumers are looking for, ongoing coaching, mentoring, and consultation are critical in keeping individual finance managers at peak sales performance.

Dealer Protection Group (DPG) offers this individual support and motivational training to dealer clients to improve product penetration, sales skills, and the profitability of the department or manager.

Maximize employee performance.
In this faltering economy, the shift in dealer emphasis from selling vehicles as a one-time sales event to developing repeat sales opportunities with products and services that consumers want is instrumental to today’s successful dealership. We can help you and your staff achieve that success. Give DPG a call to discuss our coaching and motivation programs and service. Our number is 949.208.8550.