You have Auto and Homeowners insurance to protect yourself, your investment, and assets should someone get hurt on your property or in an accident. But sometimes, a loss can be unpredictable – even catastrophic – and the amount of coverage on your primary policies just isn’t enough. What’s more, in a litigious society, lawsuits that render large judgments can end up ruining you financially.

As part of our comprehensive Personal insurance review, the staff at Dealer Protection Group (DPG) will go over the benefits of having an Umbrella Liability policy. This coverage is designed to protect you after the basic limits of your primary policies have been exhausted.

Our Umbrella Liability insurance plans work hand in hand with your current policies to provide you with additional limits as well as certain additional coverages. We’ll also make sure that the Umbrella insurance extends your limits only as much as you actually need and no more, based on your assets, exposures, and risk tolerance.

Safeguard your home, assets, and nest egg from unexpected losses.
DPG can help you select the Umbrella Liability insurance policy that will work for you. Call us at 949.208.8550.