Dealerships, like any other business, are competing to get experienced, skilled employees to sell, service, and manage their operation. This involves offering a competitive retirement plan as part of a salary, commission, and benefits package to attract and keep top talent. Yet sometimes issues arise with the administration of your plan and lawsuits follow.

Examples of these types of issues would be if your HR person didn’t provide an employee with the appropriate COBRA information following termination that results in the ex-employee losing benefits, or you neglected to add an employee to a benefits plan or adjusting coverage as requested.

With Dealer Protection Group’s (DPG) Employee Benefits Liability coverage, you’ll cover the cost of potential lawsuits that result from processing errors related to employee benefits. Coverage is also available if you fail to advise employees of your benefit program. This coverage is cost effective and easily added to your General Liability policy or comprehensive Garage Liability program.

Mistakes do happen, so be sure you’re covered.
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