The smell and feel of new, soft leather and the look of a car’s finish when you pull out of a dealership is an experience that your customers look forward to. Over time, though, the environment can wreak havoc on a vehicle, inside and out.

Offer your customers Environmental Protection as one of your F&I product solutions. Dealer Protection Group (DPG) offers a product line that provides a start-to-finish solution for healthy automobiles, utilizing compliant green technologies that have been tested worldwide. You’ll provide superior product performance and unparalleled warranty benefits.

Keeping a car protected from weather-induced fading, premature aging, rust and corrosion, acid rain, tree sap, UV rays, and more – in addition to keeping the inside protected against stains – is important to your customers. Provide them with protection that is green and effective to help maintain the life of the vehicle.

Green is the new black.
Help your customers preserve the look of their new and pre-owned car. Call DPG at 949.208.8550 to discuss our Environmental Protection product.