Dealer Protection Group (DPG) offers comprehensive physical damage coverage at an affordable rate for a dealer’s inventory, “demos,” and service vehicles. You can choose to cover your inventory on a reporting basis or non-reporting basis.

Our Auto Physical Damage product includes:

  • Automatic coverage at tent sales, auction sites, trade shows, etc.
  • Coverage for consignment vehicles and lease trade-ins
  • Dealer trades covered without prior notification
  • Drive-away collision provided without mileage limitation
  • Flexible deductibles
  • Limited collateral protection insurance

What’s more, we can include False Pretense coverage, which responds to losses as a result of voluntarily parting with a vehicle if induced to do so by any fraudulent scheme, trick, device, or false pretense, or purchasing the automobile from a seller who did not have legal title.

We can also provide “wrap around” coverage for non-floored inventory, and offer programs that include loss control services including demo reduction, key control, perimeter protection, and dealer plates.

Our Auto Physical Damage coverage provides broad protection for losses to your important inventory assets.  Be sure to speak with us about what you need so that you’re not left paying for damage because there are gaps in your portfolio of coverages.

Detailing your policy is what we do best.
Because of our years of experience and our focus in this niche market, DPG is able to offer you a comprehensive insurance program that takes into consideration all the ins and outs of your specific dealership. Call us at 949.208.8550.