Every 40 seconds a vehicle is stolen, with many never recovered. Help your customers protect their vehicle against theft with Dealer Protection Group’s (DPG) theft deterrent system.

We offer an automotive security labeling system made up of a set of unique labels placed on a customer’s car, which is accompanied by either a limited warranty or insurance coverage (depending on the state). These labels are tamper resistant and offer high security against alteration, duplication, and substitution.

The labels are easy to install and administer and decrease the likelihood of theft. What’s more, you’ll increase your Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) by providing your customers with peace of mind.

Theft deterrent systems offer another added value to your customers, providing you with additional F&I income.

Provide customers with preventive steps against theft.
Give DPG a call to discuss how we can help you stop thieves in their tracks and make your customers happy. Our number is 949.208.8550.