Mini-Makeovers: Make Your Auto Dealership More Inviting

Mini-Makeovers: Make Your Auto Dealership More InvitingAccording to a survey by the National Automobile Dealer Association (NADA), the appearance of average U.S. dealership has remained unchanged over the last thirty years. In an economy that now rapidly evolves with the newest techie gadget, this can cause dealerships to look outdated. There’s no need for a big budget makeover; here are a few easy tips to make your store look and feel more inviting.

Clean up the clutter. Take a walk through your store. Try and visualize it from the perspective of a first-time customer who knows nothing about your business. Are there overwhelming stacks of brochures on the counter? Stacks of papers on the desk? Boxes with last year’s materials in the corner? These little details that are simply a part of your business may make your dealership seem cluttered to the customer.

Replace your lighting. Upgrade your lighting. Switching to LED can produce a modern look while using only 20% of an equivalent incandescent. Be wary of cheap LED technology; it has been known to give inconsistent color tones. Another option is halogen lighting, which can brighten up the room instantly with a white light (compared to a yellow incandescent tone). One of the best lighting manufactures is Ushio. Halogen & LED technology not only lasts longer, but uses less energy, and is easier on your customers eyes. It’s a win for all, and an easy fix to make.

Personalize technician’s workspaces. Include name places with their certifications, expertise, and tenure. It lets technicians know they are valued by the company and helps customers create a more personalized connection with the dealership.

Add hospitality touches. Add flowers to the service area or restrooms. Offer cookies or candy to clients. The little details go a long way to making the client feel appreciated.

Make your lounges welcoming.  Make sure the magazines subscriptions are updated and keep only the current issues in the lounge. Make sure you have a wide range of reading material with options that appeal to men, women and children. Provide Wi-Fi and comfortable seating for your customers in the waiting area. Having a fridge full of free cold refreshments can win over the customer more than a large promotion.

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