Dealership: 5 Points for a Great Customer Experience

Dealerships: 5 Points for a Great Customer ExperienceCar sales are beginning to pick up. The automotive industry is seeing an increase despite rising gas prices. With the increase of sales, here are a few sales tips to help your dealership maximize the customer experience.

Know your product. Redundant, but essential. Technology has changed the automotive industry. With the latest iPhone apps and online resources, customers can walk onto the dealership lot with a lot more knowledge than previously. As cars become more technology advanced, salespeople need to know the ins and outs of every GPS, infotainment, and techie feature of the car.

Listen to the customer. Don’t simply push the most popular model onto the customer without giving it a second thought. Ask a few introductory questions to determine which vehicle will best fit their lifestyle. Do they have kids? A long daily commute to work? Do they need a lot of storage space? Do they have a boat that needs to be towed? All of these questions can help you narrow down the selections and present the best option to the customer.

Be open with your car’s weak points. Don’t lie about a car’s faulty traits. A customer can simply Google a car’s make and model to find out exactly what other consumers dislike about the vehicle. You’ll gain more credibility with the customer if you’re up front and honest about both the positive features and any weak points about the vehicle.

Be accessible and professional. Don’t be too friendly with the customer. If they are particularly demanding or get upset, stay calm and don’t let your temper rise. No matter how the customer behaves, maintain composure and conduct the negotiations in the most productive, professional manner.

Running a dealership encompasses running a variety of options rather than sales. From servicing to repairs and maintenance, inspections, and financing and insurance, you provide your customers with many of the processes involved in getting and maintaining their vehicles. At Dealer Protection (DPG), we specialized in dealership coverage to protect your business. Contact us today for more information.

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